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Yours to Take – Jimmy Needham

This song was playing on Sydney’s Christian radio channel, Hope 103.2, in a friend’s car coming home from Kick-off 2010 (see previous post). I really liked both the lyrics and the music, so I promptly googled the lyrics at home to get the song title. Listen to the song below, and lyrics are posted after the video (click the “Continue Reading” link).

Yours to Take is the lead single from Jimmy Needham’s new album “Nightlights”, which is planned to be released mid-May.

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Netbook Updates’ January 2010 Giveaway

Netbook Updates is running a giveaway. To enter, all you have to do is post a comment on this page.

This contest ends in a few days, so be sure to get your entry in!

Have a listen to this radio station

Wretched Radio.

Former stand-up comedian Todd Friel hosts this daily 2 hour Christian radio show. You can download a free 15-minute podcast which has highlights from the show. Otherwise, you have the option of paying USD$5.95/month to download the full 2-hour show.

Even though it’s only 15 minutes long, I’ve learnt a lot from listening to the podcast, called The Wretched Segment of the Day. It consists of one or two subjects that were covered on that day’s show, and Friel has a great sense of humor which makes listening to him very enjoyable. I highly recommend it.

Internet to be censored in Australia?

Australian government to censor the internet by 2011

I don’t mind them blocking the X-rated content, sites pertaining to underground criminal activity, etc. I do mind about something: the risk of such a system being used for government propaganda. Blocking legitimate websites just because the government feels like it.

Besides, people are responsible for what they view. If they want to ruin their lives, there’s only so much the government can do, even with censoring the internet. Finally, people will find a way around it (involving international VPNs and tunneling).

Hence, I don’t think it will work except for really non-tech-savvy people. Which kind of defies the purpose, no?

What makes APH reviews special?

So, why are APH reviews that little bit more special than all the others? (Full disclaimer: I am an employee of APH Networks, Inc., and may will be biased accordingly) Read this portion from one of the recent reviews to see why:

… here’s a little history. Please do not read the following section if you are very easily offended, and have a lacking sense of humor haha. We mean it with all good intention and nature at every meeting!

(In an office.)
“So, I want a Panzerbox for my next review.”
“A what?”
“Did you just say ‘Panzerbox’?”
“Like Panzer tank Panzerbox?”
“You’re getting it just for the name aren’t you.”
[A few weeks later.]
“My Panzerbox arrived!”

[From the NZXT Panzerbox Review on APH Networks]

Yeah, haha. That’s why.

Facebook privacy policies…or lack therof

Yeah. So Facebook has updated their privacy settings again. That’s resulted in dismal consequences. I was stalking surfing Facebook, and there are so many unrestricted profiles, it’s not funny. Actually, it is quite laughable. Not the unrestricted profiles themselves, but rather the utter carelessness in which the folks at Facebook have gone about implementing their new privacy policies.

Depending on the person (and thus the level of restriction applied to their profile), I’m able to view anything from only profile pictures, to all the personal info, to all the photos and videos in which that person was tagged. That’s not to mention notes, which is pretty much available in almost every profile (again, depending on privacy level applied).

I can only hope that my profile isn’t that viewable. I’ll have to go through my privacy settings again to ensure that everything is as it should be.

The timeless mantra Facebook should abide by: if it ain’t broke, DON’T. FIX. IT.

That is all.

APH Update: twitter, extra work, etc

Yes indeed, I’m proud to announce the foray of APH Networks into the amazing world of 140 characters:

Follow away for the latest in technology news and reviews!

I’ve also been promoted onto the Publications Team, as of last Saturday. Those in the Publications Team deal with reviews and in-house publications. My new responsibilities involve proofreading said in-house reviews before publishing. It’s a straightforward, enjoyable job, especially considering that I’m an amateur grammar pedant, haha.

I think it’s time for me to elaborate a little bit on the various APH Teams. There are very few people that contribute to only one specific team. Most of us are doing a bit of everything, especially shc-boomer and the chc. For example, so far, I’m News Editor, part of the Forum Team, and now part of the Publications Team. Most of my work is in News (publishing the APHiliates news), but I do a bit in the other areas as well, as I explained in the above paragraph.

There aren’t that many of us on the staff team at APH; 6, to be precise. Hence why most of us are in more than one role. It’s not bad at all though. The chc and boomer do a great job at managing operations, and keeping a light rein on the staff.

So yeah, I love working at APH. It’s awesome.

PS: Don’t forget to follow APH on Twitter!