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Christ is Risen – Matt Maher

This is really good. I know I say a variation of those words everytime I link to a song, but really – this is good. My friend posted it on Facebook, and I listened to it. I must say, the music was what caught my ear, but that turned out well: because of that, I read the lyrics more carefully, and I was duly encouraged. Enjoy.

Let no one caught in sin remain
Inside the lie of inward shame
But fix our eyes upon the cross
And run to Him who showed great love
And bled for us
Freely You’ve bled for us

Christ is risen from the dead
Trampling over death by death
Come awake, come awake
Come and rise up from the grave
Christ is risen from the dead
We are one with Him again
Come awake, come awake
Come and rise up from the grave

Beneath the weight of all our sin
You bowed to none but heaven’s will
No scheme of hell, no scoffer’s crown
No burden great can hold You down
In strength You reign
Forever let Your church proclaim

O death, where is your sting?
O hell, where is your victory?
O church, come stand in the light
The glory of God has defeated the night

O death, where is your sting?
O hell, where is your victory?
O church, come stand in the light
Our God is not dead
He’s alive! He’s alive!


Chords for “Rags to Robes” by Caleb and Sol

Whaddaya know…they beat me to it!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a brief update stating that I had chorded “Rags to Robes”, but had lost misplaced the draft sheet on which I pencilled the chord arrangement*.

I found the sheet last week, and I’ve scanned and uploaded an image of my version of chords. Interesting how they’re pretty much spot on, compared to the official chords by Caleb and Sol!

Then just today, I saw a twitter update posted by Caleb and Sol on Wednesday, mentioning that they finished a song for their new CD. Upon clicking the link in that tweet, I discovered a comment by one of the guys, saying that all the chords for their album “Afloat” are available on their website,

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Rags to Robes – Caleb and Sol (with lyrics)

AFAIK, this is the only place where these lyrics can be found online. If you have any corrections, I’d be happy to review my interpretation of these lyrics. Please post any suggested changes in the comments area below this post :)

I shared Rags to Robes (by Caleb and Sol) a while ago, but just last week I decided to type down the lyrics for the song. To the best of my knowledge, the lyrics aren’t available in the internet, so you saw them here first! ;)

Anyways, here’s the official music for you to follow along:

Rags to robes,
Chains to wings,
Praise the Lord,
My freed soul sings.

The rags represent the best the world could ever offer me,
A symbol of depravity, the emblem of true poverty.
The robes are the clothes for the members of God’s family,
A special gown for those who choose to drink the blood from Calvary.

In His mercy, Jesus took my rags and gave me a robe,
A treat that saved my life, and all to Him I owe.
If it’s right to praise the Lord then it’s wrong to be hushed,
So sing with us the freedom song if God is your trust.

Rags to robes,
Chains to wings,
Praise the Lord,
My freed soul sings.

And I’ve been searching for the key to set me free.
A chain’s weighing on me, pray for grace to pardon me.
Hopeless and I’m helpless till I felt your holy power,
You came to bring me strength, like a fire, in my darkest hour.

Visions in my eyes, healed from my sickness,
Heavy laden heart and soul covered by forgiveness,
Delivered me from the bondage again,
I’ll thank Him and I’ll praise Him, He’s my very best friend.

Rags to robes,
Chains to wings,
Praise the Lord,
My freed soul sings.

Rags to robes,
Chains to wings,
Praise the Lord,
My freed soul sings,


Isn’t that amazing? And true? And comforting? In a world where too many “Christian” songs are theologically shallow and light, it’s refreshing to hear songs like “Rags to Robes”.

In this song, Caleb and Sol have really hit the nail on the head, writing about our miserable state of sin. But, in His mercy, Jesus takes our rags by forgiving our sins, and gives us His robes of righteousness so we will be considered perfect before God.

Do these guys a favour and buy their songs. I’m not in any way affiliated with them, but I acknowledge the depth and profundity of the songs they write.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

Whatever You’re Doing (Something Heavenly) – Sanctus Real

Here are the lyrics and chords for this song.

This song is about the trust we need to have in God when things seem bleak or uncertain. The chorus expresses that very well:

Whatever You’re doing inside of me,
It feels like chaos but somehow there’s peace,
It’s hard to surrender to what I can’t see,
But I’m giving in to something heavenly…

Basically, we may not be able to see the benefits of God’s workings in our lives. But we can trust that God is indeed doing something good, as He always does.

As the person singing this song trusts more and begins to see what God is doing in his life, the chorus changes subtly a few times, until it’s finally this version below:

Whatever You’re doing inside of me,
It feels like chaos but now I can see,
This something bigger than me,
Larger than life something heavenly,

Something heavenly…

This song hit me. I need to trust God in EVERYTHING, especially when I can’t see the point of what He’s doing, and when it seems negative. I know, it’s a basic thing, but it can be SO hard sometimes. Are you relying on God even when you can’t see the good in your circumstances? Think about it.

Sunlight – Reilly

Edit: Get my “Sunlight” chords from this post!

This song, Sunlight, is by an alternate/violin Christian rock band named Reilly. I watched their music video of this song and the lyrics really struck me. I was particularly awestruck by the words that I’ve highlighted below…not to mention the music is brilliant! Enjoy :)

You are the treasure that I am after
Some look for riches some look for power
Just give me eyes to behold your beauty
To keep me lost in wonder after wonder

You are the father of every prodigal
running into the arms of sick and soiled souls
You make me whiter than the winter’s snow
You cover over the ashes on the inside

Sunlight, daybreak, chasing all my shadows away

You’re in the whisper between two lovers
igniting passion long after the altar.
You are the reason I sing
You are the reason I sing

Sunlight, daybreak, chasing all my shadows away

You shine a white light into my blind eyes
And now I’ve seen you truly for the first time
This revelation of my desperation
brings me to Calvary, brings me to salvation
You resurrect me, you rearrange me
you make my heart beat to another symphony

You’ve pursued me like you think I’m worth it
And Savior now I know that I do not deserve this

Sunlight, daybreak, chasing all my shadows away.

The lyrics really speak for themselves! By His awesome grace, Christ shows us our great need for him, and this “revelation of our desperation” brings us to the cross, brings us “to salvation” in Him. Thereafter, the Holy Spirit continues to sanctify us (change us to grow in holiness) everyday, rearranging us and making our hearts beat “…to another symphony”. Isn’t that just so awesome and wonderful!!!

[First posted on my Facebook profile on 4 July 09]