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Chording update: Yours to Take

So…yo, sup y’all?

In all seriousness, I got the majority of the chord arrangement done last week. It’s just a basic 4-chord combination. Once I figured out said combo, it was just a case of placing the chords above the appropriate lyrics.

G D Em
Am Em Bm E

D Bm G A
Bm D ? A

The chord in the place of the question mark is what’s causing me a bit of trouble. I’ll get it soon enough I guess; if not, then I’ll just post the arrangement up and get the closest sounding chord.

For now, over and out!


Chords for “Rags to Robes” by Caleb and Sol

Whaddaya know…they beat me to it!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a brief update stating that I had chorded “Rags to Robes”, but had lost misplaced the draft sheet on which I pencilled the chord arrangement*.

I found the sheet last week, and I’ve scanned and uploaded an image of my version of chords. Interesting how they’re pretty much spot on, compared to the official chords by Caleb and Sol!

Then just today, I saw a twitter update posted by Caleb and Sol on Wednesday, mentioning that they finished a song for their new CD. Upon clicking the link in that tweet, I discovered a comment by one of the guys, saying that all the chords for their album “Afloat” are available on their website,

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Unforseen delays

Huh. As I thought.

Something unexpected has cropped up in the past few days which needs finishing


Sunlight update

Yesterday I said I’d post an update to the chords of Sunlight.

I arranged the verses and chorus. As I thought, G#m dominates, and of course there’s B and E sprinkled around. :)

Here they are, in addition to the bridge which I posted last time:

NB: As before, the extra spaces that are before and between some chords are done on purpose to illustrate appropriate timing.

sunlight chords 2 - verse

…and the bridge:

sunlight chords 1

…and then continue the chorus as in the first part (“Sunlight, daybreak,…”)


How’s Sunlight coming along?

Good, haha. Thanks for asking! Incoming update tomorrow.

Minor progress update

I’m ironing out a few kinks in the rest of the chords of Sunlight (in the verses, etc). I also plan to chord “Rags to Robes” and “Afloat” by Caleb and Sol in the future. Will keep y’all updated.

Sunlight – Capo 2

Just a quick post to update y’all on the necessary chords to play Sunlight with capo 2:

B = A
F# = E
G#m = F#m
E = ? (read: I’ll check what E is later. I’m on my phone presently, lol)

If you have a capo, those chords may be easier to play than always playing barre chords. Hope this helps!