Heya there! My name is Paul, and I created this blog a while ago as a place to post my musings. If you want to contact me, you can email me at Email Now, some details about me:

First and foremost, I’m a Christian: I have broken the divine law of God, the infinite, Holy Creator of this universe. I deserve nothing better than to rot in hell under God’s wrath as punishment for sinning and rebelling against Him. But while God is perfectly just and holy, He is also perfectly gracious and merciful. For that reason, God sent His perfect, only Son to earth to die on the cross, taking the punishment that belonged to me, and rising again on the third day to show that He was perfectly righteous and had paid the price for sin. I believe all that by God’s grace, and I’ve trusted Jesus to take away my sin.

I LOVE computers/IT: That’s an understatement :D I’m a member of the well-known online community, Neowin, and I visit it almost every day. I also actively follow several news sites: Digg, Istartedsomething, WinSupersite, UXEvangelist, WithinWindows, and others. I follow all of them (except for Digg) using Google Reader.

I LOVE good theology and Christian blogs: This, also, is a rather understated fact. Youtube is an excellent facility for listening to and watching John Piper, RC Sproul, Paul Tripp, CJ Mahaney, Alex & Brett Harris…I could go on and on and on…. The Christian blogs and sites I follow are TheRebelution, DesiringGod, The Sisterhood, and numerous others.

So there you have it! Most of my posts will be about my 2 favourite subjects, good Christian theology and also probably random computer stuffs.

Thanks for reading my blog. Adios!


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