No, not the TV show. The real life, awesome people you hang out with.

For lunch, I hung (gr?)* with a friend who’s starting uni at a campus about 5 minutes for my house. He lives an hour’s drive away. Not entirely practical, no. But anyways, he was here for an information day. We did lunch together, which was quite awesome.

Bible study has resumed. Aaaand…I’m loving it (both the teaching and the truly wonderful fellowship & hospitality). We watched a couple of John Piper’s talks, and had a great discussion afterwards. I could write so much about Piper’s talks, but suffice it to say this: “God is most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in Him.” Piper basically had this as his core message, and everything he said reflected the truths in that statement. We were designed to appreciate beauty outside of ourselves. That’s why we’re drawn to the majesty of the stars, sunsets, and God’s amazing creation, and ultimately to God Himself. He deserves the glory. It is to our benefit that He displays His glory, because we can then truly marvel at it. Man… I can’t recall much else of what Piper said, but it was awesome. No joke yo.

I am joyful and thankful. For friends, fellowship, God’s word, God’s glory revealed, and most of all Jesus.


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