The year. It’s almost over, yo.

Today is the second last day of 2009. And what a journey it’s been! Despite aiming to post every day since the beginning of July, I’ve failed sometimes. However, I think this project has greatly improved my ability to communicate information using the online medium.

I may have mentioned this before, but anyways: I learned of this one-post-a-day “challenge” on another blog. The writer had made it her New Year’s resolution to post one post per day, for the whole year. No one else was challenged to do it; this was just a goal she set for herself. I thought “why can’t I do this as well?” Before embarking on my own challenge, I had a grand total of maybe 10 posts on this blog, over a period of more than 2 years (April ’07 to July ’09). It was indeed a good outlet for my thoughts and everyday life.

Sometimes the posts were succint and a bit random. You probably guessed already: I posted those when there were only a few minutes left in the night. In that way, I failed. Sometimes I “cheated” in my posts to achieve a post every single day. Sometimes I posted a few minutes too late. In those ways, I failed. But as a whole, this has been awesome!

Thanks for coming along for the adventure, everyone!


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