What makes APH reviews special?

So, why are APH reviews that little bit more special than all the others? (Full disclaimer: I am an employee of APH Networks, Inc., and may will be biased accordingly) Read this portion from one of the recent reviews to see why:

… here’s a little history. Please do not read the following section if you are very easily offended, and have a lacking sense of humor haha. We mean it with all good intention and nature at every meeting!

(In an office.)
“So, I want a Panzerbox for my next review.”
“A what?”
“Did you just say ‘Panzerbox’?”
“Like Panzer tank Panzerbox?”
“You’re getting it just for the name aren’t you.”
[A few weeks later.]
“My Panzerbox arrived!”

[From the NZXT Panzerbox Review on APH Networks]

Yeah, haha. That’s why.

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