Facebook privacy policies…or lack therof

Yeah. So Facebook has updated their privacy settings again. That’s resulted in dismal consequences. I was stalking surfing Facebook, and there are so many unrestricted profiles, it’s not funny. Actually, it is quite laughable. Not the unrestricted profiles themselves, but rather the utter carelessness in which the folks at Facebook have gone about implementing their new privacy policies.

Depending on the person (and thus the level of restriction applied to their profile), I’m able to view anything from only profile pictures, to all the personal info, to all the photos and videos in which that person was tagged. That’s not to mention notes, which is pretty much available in almost every profile (again, depending on privacy level applied).

I can only hope that my profile isn’t that viewable. I’ll have to go through my privacy settings again to ensure that everything is as it should be.

The timeless mantra Facebook should abide by: if it ain’t broke, DON’T. FIX. IT.

That is all.


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