APH Update: twitter, extra work, etc

Yes indeed, I’m proud to announce the foray of APH Networks into the amazing world of 140 characters:


Follow away for the latest in technology news and reviews!

I’ve also been promoted onto the Publications Team, as of last Saturday. Those in the Publications Team deal with reviews and in-house publications. My new responsibilities involve proofreading said in-house reviews before publishing. It’s a straightforward, enjoyable job, especially considering that I’m an amateur grammar pedant, haha.

I think it’s time for me to elaborate a little bit on the various APH Teams. There are very few people that contribute to only one specific team. Most of us are doing a bit of everything, especially shc-boomer and the chc. For example, so far, I’m News Editor, part of the Forum Team, and now part of the Publications Team. Most of my work is in News (publishing the APHiliates news), but I do a bit in the other areas as well, as I explained in the above paragraph.

There aren’t that many of us on the staff team at APH; 6, to be precise. Hence why most of us are in more than one role. It’s not bad at all though. The chc and boomer do a great job at managing operations, and keeping a light rein on the staff.

So yeah, I love working at APH. It’s awesome.

PS: Don’t forget to follow APH on Twitter!


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