Hansie, a story of grace

Edit: Oops, seems like I published this post a bit too late.

Tonight I watched the movie “Hansie”. It’s screening was arranged by friends at their youth group.

Hansie is an amazing story of one man’s rise to fame in the cricket world, and his downfall due to making some big mistakes.

Hans Cronjie was a Christian professional cricketer, who played for the South African national team. However, he got involved in match fixing, and that resulted in being banned from cricket and the shame of letting his team down badly.

After all was said and done, though, Hansie still felt overwhelmed with guilt, despite the fact that he had sought (and received) forgiveness from God. He talked it over with a Christian friend. That friend showed Hansie something very important through the story of the prodigal son; when the son came back to his father truly repentant, the father welcomed the son with open arms.

Hansie came to the realization that despite God having already forgiven him, he had not truly received and accepted forgiveness. He was still carrying the heavy load of guilt for his actions. At that point, Hansie was able to put his sin behind him as truly forgiven.


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