On my staying-up late…and a Piper Q&A update

This is the latest time at which I’ve ever posted. 4:16 am, to be precise. Even ask the chc. We were IM-ing on WLM at 3 am my time. He was suitably shocked/impressed/horrified/LOL YO at the unearthly hour at which I was up.

Well anyways, it’s over. And it seemed like the time just flew by when John Piper was explaining his answers. Objectively,he did an excellent job. That’s magnified by the fact that his replies and comments were impromptu, off-the-cuff.

I’m sure Piper & Co. will post a summary on the website; I’ll share the relevant links here when they become available. Of more importance, perhaps, is the fact that the video of the live session will be made available for download. Links for these are also forthcoming.

PS: for consistency’s sake, it’s proper to mention that the time (of publishing this post) is now 4:29 am. *yawn* Good night!

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