APH Contest 2009 – the aftermath

Yesterday, I said there would be details. You may have guessed already.


But what’s in it? Ah yes, coming right up.

”]lol egg cartons yo

Ohhh, so you want to see what’s under the random packaging? Fine then.

*drum roll*….

woot free stuffs


Yep. The Noctua fans (prizes from the APH Contest ’09) arrived yesterday at 11:55 am. They’re in excellent condition, and they have they feel hefty and robust. I haven’t actually opened the boxes yet, as I’m not sure what I’ll do with the fans.

Anyway, massive props goes out to the staff at APH Networks (chconline, shc-boomer, shift, and others) for running and managing this contest, as well as congratulations for my fellow winners in the other parts of this contest! And thanks to Noctua for the prizes.

THE WEATHER: Yesterday I also said that a weather update for y’all would be imminent. That’s due to the amazing (read: boiling hot, horrible) weather we had yesterday.

The maximum temperature? 39°C. Eh, yo. Even at 7:30 pm, the heat was stifling and rather oppressive. And whaddaya know, today’s maximum turned out to be 20°. I love Sydney’s weather. [Notice the sarcasm with which I typed this sentence]

Time for me to turn in. I want to be up soon, in about half an hour. There’s going to be a live Q&A session with John Piper. He will be answering live incoming questions from Twitter users, who will “submit questions/comments via Twitter using the hashtag #apj“. Minor problem is, it will run from 8-11 am CST, which translates to 1-4 AM AEDT (my time). Yeah. Time zones are awesome. [Again, notice the sarcasm used] But I’ll set my alarm, and hopefully I’ll be able to watch at least a portion of that session. I’m really hoping it’s going to be a video stream, as opposed to live text-based answers posted to the DesiringGod website.

So, good night!


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