APH Contest 2009 – Wrap up!

I WON! And considering I NEVER win these sorts of competitions, I’m really excited!

My prize is a set of 2 excellent computer fans, made by Noctua. Even the chc is a fan (pun not intended lol) of Noctua’s cooling gear. So I’m in excellent company, haha.

I was out at the time the winners were announced. Jonathan thoughtfully notified me via Facebook at 2:17 pm GMT+11. I saw his post at 3:54 pm, and promptly checked it out…WOOOOT! Needless to say, I was over the moon.

I sent Jon the requisite shipping details necessary for receiving my parcel Yesterday I got word that he sent the details over to some shady company in Nigeria Noctua, who are based in Austria, so they can send me the goodies.

I should get them in a couple of weeks. I’ll be updating the progress here.

Until next time then,


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  1. […] The Noctua fans (prizes from the APH Contest ‘09) arrived yesterday at 11:55 am. They’re in excellent condition, and they have they feel hefty […]


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