On our legal standing with God

Yesterday evening, I heard the most amazing sermon on Romans 5:12-21. Basically, as this post’s title suggests, that passage of the Bible speaks about our legal standing with God as far as our sins are concerned.

Us being Christians depends solely on Christ’s finished work, His dying on the cross for our sins. Nothing else has any say in the matter of salvation. In the same way that Adam’s sin adversely affected the whole future human race, so also Jesus’ death alone was and is sufficient for the salvation of EVERYONE whom God chooses to save. And nothing, NOTHING, can change that truth, that our salvation is in Jesus alone; not cultural trends, not what any human does or says, and especially not any of our feelings or doubts about our salvation.

The point was summed up this way: “our legal standing with God is decided in the courts of heaven, not the courts of our emotions.” Isn’t that awesome?

And I won’t go into details, but that was totally relevant to something personal that I was just sharing with a close friend and pondering over the Saturday & Sunday. So the sermon was very timely, like you wouldn’t believe. It was an amazing blessing.

I’m so blessed to have such wonderful friends and Biblical teaching.

‘Tis all for now, faithful readers. Good night.

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