I’m back!

That’s right: I”M BACK, YO!

So much for my aspirations to post one blog post a day. Ah well. I’ll start again. From now. I’ve been somewhat busy, and thus I slacked off my blog postings. Some news:

  • APH is going well, I’m not bored to death yet, which is a good sign; I’m still fond of the chc and the rest of the staff (in a brotherly, APH-y sort of way), which is another good sign.
  • I discovered that UltimateGuitar kinda screwed up my “Redeemed” chord submission. Notice the 2 messed up lines in the bridge. I’ll try to rectify that, but I’m pretty sure it’s not my fault. I took special attention to make sure that all the chords matched up properly.
  • I’ve figured out the chord sequence for the bridge part of “Sunlight”! Chords used (somewhat in order) are B, F#, G#m, and (I think) E. Hopefully I can deduce the rest of the chords soon. Thing is, because the vocals dominate and instrumental music is lacking in the verses of this song, it’s hard to find out exact chords. That’s as opposed to the bridge, where there’s the distinct instrumentals.
  • THE BULLDOGS ARE OUT OF THE NRL COMPETITION! In the preliminary final last Friday, they lost to a strong Eels outfit. That game decided who would go on to play in the Grand Final next Sunday, 4th Oct. So now the Eels will play the Melbourne Storm in the Grand Final.

What else can I say? It’s good to be back! That’s all for now peeps. Good night!


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