What I bought today…

I had my previous pair of shoes (Nike Dart V) for 1 year and 3 months. I loved that particular model of shoe (my shoe before that was also a Dart V), but it was high time to buy a new, respectable, clean, tidy, everyday pair of sport shoes. I ended up buying the Nike Dart 7.


I got it for $80, which is very reasonable, considering I buy a new pair of joggers about once a year. It’s the same shoe in the picture above, except the colour scheme is red and grey. But after seeing that photo, I think I like the blue colour better. I’ll see if I can take it back to the shop (Foot Locker) and exchange it in blue. Hopefully they’ll have it in stock.

I have rather thin feet, which makes it hard for me to find shoes. So once I’m onto a good thing (in this case, a great-fitting shoe), I keep it. Hence why my last 3 pairs have been from Nike’s Dart line (2 Dart V pairs and 1 Dart 7). If you’re looking for a pair of excellent joggers/runners, try the Nike Dart 7. (Disclaimer: I was not paid by Nike for saying this.)


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