Certain goings-on at APH…

redeemed is now part of the APH team. He is current in training for the Technology News Division in Affiliates News. :yes: (Y) We’ll be writing is bio along with all the necessary information for our “Behind the Scenes” page as soon as possible; as well as announcing his Community Forums Division position. [Posted by chconline on the APH forums]

Yep, that’s me! I posted my first news item today as part of my aforementioned training as News Staff. It was really exciting :) The chc, as we at APH know him, guided me through that process on WL Messenger. It was relatively straightforward. Those news items that I’m responsible for are a collection of reviews and articles posted by the affiliates of APH. If all goes well, I’ll hopefully progress in by skill in these things, and be given more responsibilities in the News section.

By you’re probably wondering what APH is. APH is short for APH Networks, which is largely a computer/gadgets review website and forum community, led by Jonathan Kwan (chconline). A number of staff greatly support his work on the website, be it writing reviews (which is the main focus of APH), working in admin, taking care of the forums, or posting news. You can see a summary of what happens on APH here.

I will be also taking up a position in the Community Forums Division. Jonathan has discussed this with me already, but I’m still under an NDA at the moment, haha. As mentioned in his post, this position will be revealed in the coming days, as talks and formal arrangements are…well, arranged.

I’m greatly indebted to chc for being willing to give me a go in News and the Forums; he’s encouraging and supporting me as I find my feet (so to speak) in these roles. Mad props also go to the rest of the team for readily accepting me as one of their own; thanks dudes! I’ve also received a warm welcome from the rest of the community at large. I’m sure I’ll love “working” at APH Networks.

Thanks chc and other APH staff! Keep up the great work, and I’m really looking forward to working with you guys :D

Edit: I thought I had posted this yesterday, but apparently not :( Hence why the date is the 14th. I did type it up on the 13th though, so that’s alright :)


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  1. Posted by the chc on August 14, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    Haha, sweet stuff sir — glad you would take the position haha. If you ever need anything, lemme know haha :D

    Actually we are indebted to you for your hard work :P


  2. Welcome, welcome to City 17… errrr…. the APH staff team. Good job so far, keep up the good pace!


  3. Hey welcome to the team man!

    Feel free to link to my blog and I’ll do the same :)



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