Catching up with good friends is awesome!

It’s wonderful when you see really good friends after not seeing them for 2 months, right? Well, that happened today.

I won’t go into further details because it’s a REALLY long story. However, it will suffice to say that at church tonight, I caught up with lovely Christian friends who hadn’t come to church, and thus I hadn’t seen, for 2 months*. Of course, there’s Facebook, but even then, a sort of…void, I guess? is left when one doesn’t see/catch up with friends that are as amazing as they are. That is compounded by the fact that we used to see each other and have great times of fellowship twice a week at church.

We as a congregation weren’t sure if they’d come back, or at least not this soon. But due to a turn in events (of course, under God’s sovereignty), they’re back!

Funny thing is, other than a “hi!” and “long time no see, how’s it going??”, I didn’t talk much to them at all tonight. But just seeing them back at church, and knowing that we’ll probably catch up a lot more down the track, is really wonderful. They’re such a blessing to me (both spiritually and practically), and also my family and the whole congregation.

By the way, if any of you guys [aforementioned friends] are reading this, you know who you are. God bless you so much!

God’s providence really is so amazing and wonderful!!

*NOTE for your information: they didn’t have any problems with others or any issues causing strife; just certain events occurred which meant that they weren’t able to come to church for that period of time.


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