Chords for “Redeemed”

Finally. They’re up. Like I said yesterday, I’ve completed the chords of Redeemed and uploaded them to Ultimate Guitar. Edit: Grab them here!!

However, upon submitting my magnum opus to UG, I was greeted with the following message:

Thanks for your contribution to Ultimate-Guitar.Com website! Your submission will be reviewed during the next 48 hours. Sometimes it takes longer — please be patient! Also, please note:
+ We’re out of the office on Saturday and Sunday – don’t expect us to check your contribution these days.

Yeah. I’ll place the link on this post once it becomes available. For the meantime, here’s a pdf (Adobe Acrobat) document containing the chords: Redeemed – Reilly (Chords)

These chords are original version as sung by the band themselves. No capo is needed, just start playing! Sorry if there are any discrepancies; I’ve done the best chord arrangement I could. And please post a comment down below in regards to how you found these chords; good? bad? average? needs some improvement? perfect, “couldn’t-have-done-it-better-myself”? Post away. I’d love to hear your feedback.


Edit 2/8 : I’ve added the link to the chords on UG. It seems they were approved straight away. Sweet.


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  1. […] I finally finished the chords for "Redeemed" by Reilly I posted them to my blog here: Chords for “Redeemed” (Techy + Theological Thoughts)^Paul = … They're attached in PDF format in my post above, but I also submitted them to UltimateGuitar […]


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