A brief update about things

– It’s kinda late where I am, and I’m kinda tired, so I won’t be posting “Redeemed”‘s chords now. I’ll just say that Redeemed is pretty much complete as far as chords go. A couple of ambiguous chords just need some refining and all will be sweet. I’ll post the chords tomorrow if I’m happy with them if they’re good enough. (I tend to be a perfectionist sometimes, so it’s rather hard for me to really happy with a project to the point of “signing it off” and completing it; I usually try to make things perfect. I really need to work on that.)

– I ran a bit (namely, 2 km) on Monday. I need to run again tomorrow. And keep running with some sort of regularity. And build up my cardio fitness. Big time.

– “His salvation is the one inoculation…” – Colin Buchanan singing about the remedy for sin. Very nicely said.


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