EDGE ’09 #2 – Holding onto God through the dark night of doubt

These are the notes I took during the second talk of the EDGE Conference ‘09. This talk was the elective that I attended. The speaker was Sheridan Voysey.


Psalm 77
vv. 1-9 – the midnight of doubt
Asaph was from the tribe of Levi, a seer, a prophet, a worship leader. Thus, he was very close to God; he was used to the light of God’s presence and fellowship. Now Asaph found himself in spiritual darkness, which was a great contrast from what he usually experienced. He was crying out to God for answers [vv. 1-9].
vv. 10-20 – the twilight and dawn of assurance
Doubt can remind us that God is so great and omniscient, greater than us.
In the middle of Asaph’s doubt, the “twilight” appears. He remembers and reflects on what God has done in his life, and in Israel’s history [vv. 10-15]. If it’s important for us to be reminded of everyday, seemingly trivial things, how  much more should we be reminded of spiritual things? We also need to remember the story of God’s work in our own lives [vv. 16-20]. As Pascal said, “There’s enough light for those who want to believe, and enough cloud for those who want to doubt.”
Asaph has come to the conclusion that God’s love can’t fail, based on what Asaph remembers and has seen of God’s goodness. The light of comfort and assurance has finally dawned.

During our midnight, we should raise our hands in prayer and earnestly seek for God. Our twilight appears when we remember God’s dealings with us, and His forgiveness and grace to us. After than, the dawn, or assurance, will come when we recall God’s character, His control over the universe and sovereignty over all things.


That was another very meaty talk by Sheridan Voysey. After this elective, we had a time of sharing, during which some people shared a few of their doubts and difficulties with each other. We encouraged and helped one another as brothers and sisters in the Christian walk. Sheridan did an excellent job of running that sharing time, guiding our thoughts in the right direction.

Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll post the 3rd and final talk of the day. Thanks for reading!


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