Chording “Sunlight” and “Redeemed”

Note: I don’t know if the musical term “chord” can be used as a verb, in the same way as “tab”. However, I’ll treat it as such. Sorry to all the music purists out there ;)

I love to play guitar. Most of the time I find the chords to songs I like on the internet. However, at times even the ginormous internet can’t help in my quest to find chords for a somewhat obscure song that takes my fancy. That’s when my good old grey matter (not to mention hardnened fingertips) has to get working to figure out the chords to said song.

Even though I play the keyboard a bit (that helps me with figuring out notes), having no formal training in either technical skills or music theory makes it hard to chord sometimes. But there are recurring, harmonizing patterns that I see the more I play songs. That helps a lot when I’m chording a particularly difficult song.

On to the main content of this post: I’m very pleased to have finished chording a major part of “Redeemed” this evening; I can somewhat tab a part of “Sunlight”, and I’ll probably start working on its chords in earnest tomorrow. I’ll post the chords here for both songs once I’m happy with their sequence/pattern.

It IS usually challenging to chord a song, but the result is definitely worth it! I get to know the song a lot better. And because I’ve spent a fair bit of time on that song, I generally play the chords of a song faster when I’ve chorded it myself.

Stay tuned for the chords of those 2 songs. And even if you don’t play music or have no use for these chords, just listen to and enjoy these songs; they’re definitely worth your time.


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