Today I bought a printer and fellowshipped with a friend…

My cheap laser printer was running uncomfortably low on toner, so I need to get a new printer. I decided on a multifunction center; a printer, scanner, copier, and fax rolled into one (Sansung SCX-4521F). God provided it for me at a bargain $275. I brought it home and set it up painlessly. It’s wonderful when things just…work!

I also had an excellent chat with my friend online this afternoon. He’s a Christian, and we were discussing the issue of accepting criticism and communicating with others when sensitive issues come up, e.g. they do something wrong and how to correct them. Being able to see someone else’s point of view really helps. That friend is really into computers and know a LOT about them, so we already have plenty of common ground there!

Sometimes I take it for granted (I know I shouldn’t!) that I have Christian brothers and sisters, but it’s times like these, when sharing from our experiences and convictions, that I truly appreciate the fellowship that goes on. Thank God for being able to have such awesome fellowship with others!


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