Botanical gardens

So there’s these botanical gardens near where I live. Entry to the gardens was free today, so me and my family took the opportunity to hang out together.

We were there at 10 in the morning, and had a brilliant time walking and running and enjoying God’s creation. It felt so good to be out in the fresh air. It wasn’t so good to be reminded of my dreadful state of cardio fitness. Running for a couple of minutes chasing, dare I mention, a butterfly, made me feel as if I had run a marathon: exhausted. The fact that I had already run to the top of a high hill didn’t help the situation. Mental note: get out of the house and GO RUNNING.

The weather was really pleasant as well. It’s winter now, so a sunny day is very mild, rather than hot and bothersome. Some explanation for my Northern Hemi friends: in my part of Sydney, winter temps rarely go below 4°C at night, and the average daytime temperature in July is about 17°C. That makes for very pleasant walks/runs/marathons.

We left the botanical gardens at about 1 pm. After running various errands, we got home shortly before 3.

Thank God for busyness and having something to do, but seriously, relaxing days are soooo good. Make sure you enjoy ’em when you get ’em!


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