Still alive – Portal

The cake is a lie!!!

Yes I know. Almost 2 years late. But hey, I don’t play video/computer games, so it’s cool. If you need to know what I’m talking about, Google is your friend…oh okay then, you asked. It’s from the video game Portal, in which the player uses a “Portal gun” (a gun that manipulates physics) to solve a series of puzzles, with the promise of receiving cake when all the puzzles are completed. No one can get to that cake, hence the catchphrase “the cake is a lie!” But there IS a way…

Brief explanation: When you complete the game, the cake appears on the main screen. You cannot get to the cake in the game properly without cheating; it’s not a cheat to make it appear, but it’s a cheat to let you walk through walls so you can get to the secret room with the CAKE. It is in the game but it’s impossible to get to in normal gameplay.

So you see, the cake is not really a lie. You CAN get to it…but only by cheating, which means that under normal circumstances you won’t get it or see it. So it IS a lie. Or is it?

There’s a song at the end of the game, during the credits, that sort of explains the storyline of Portal and the cake and the gun etc. It’s meant to be the bad guy/antagonist singing this song to the player. And I’m sharing it with you all because I think the music is simply brilliant, not to mention that the lyrics are hilarious. This song was written by Jonathan Coulton specially for Portal. Some links to different versions of the song from Youtube are down below:

Original cake room and “Still Alive” song in-game

“Still Alive” tyopgraphy

Dude playing “Still Alive” on keys


That’s all, folks! Enjoy!


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