Happy 500th birthday, JC!

500 years ago today, in Noyon, France, a boy was born. We know him today as John Calvin, arguably one of the most famous Reformers in church history.

Calvin was able to share with the world AMAZING truths that God showed him from the Scriptures. Truths like man’s total sinfulness. Like unconditional election. Like God’s irresistible grace. Like facts that show our utter helplessness as sinners. Like facts that, on the other hand, show God’s infinite love and mercy to us sinners. For all that knowledge that Calvin shared, I thank the Lord.

However, some people disagree with Calvin. And honestly, that’s no big problem of mine. Really. If you’re a Christian, trusting only in Jesus for salvation, that’s awesome and all that REALLY matters :) Any disagreements about election/Calvinism should be taken seriously, but definitely come 2nd in importance compared to being a Christian.

I do (obviously!) have great interest in reformed theology; thus, I have taken this opportunity to share with you, my dear peeps,  some articles that befit the occasion :)

Some people may have the idea that Calvinists are self-righteous, inconsiderate, argumentative, arrogant, etc. If you do think so, first of all I have no hard feelings towards you. Second, you would do well to read the article on this page (“Be a kinder Calvinist”) and the letter that it links to, as it does present a really good viewpoint. If you’re Reformed/a Calvinist, I’d still highly encourage you to read that article. I have benefited from it, and I’m sure it would help you to see how some people view Reformed folks, and why they think so.

I hope you find those articles challenging, encouraging, stimulating, and comforting by turns. And truly more important than remembering Calvin is remembering the wonderful God of Calvin, Who’s the only source of our salvation.

This is all for now. Thanks for reading!


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