Engagement party and roadkill…

Yesterday I went to the engagement party of a girl from the church I go to. She is a Christian, and she got engaged a few weeks ago to a Christian man. They’re a really lovely couple. I’ve had the opportunity to talk/hang around with the guy and it’s really thought-provoking to chat with him – he’s into computers, a bit of sci-fi, and his theology is really sound!! Talk about having things in common :D The party went really well, got to meet some people (mainly friends of the girl) and catch up with friends I hadn’t seen for ages. The food was wonderful as well

Now, about the roadkill. (Fox + car)^110km/h = … you can probably guess!

I was the passenger in a little hatchback on the South-western motorway/Hume Highway, about 100 km from Sydney. Now, being this far south of Sydney, the motorway is flanked by bushland on both sides. Suddenly, a fox darted from the side of the road, passing about 2 meters in front of the car. The driver noticed it, but it was at a reasonable distance from the car. A moment later, a second fox jumped out, presumably following its mate/dad/mum/cousin/2nd-uncle-twice-removed. However, this fox ran diagonally towards the car. My friend had no time to react before driving over it with a bone-jarring *thud*.

It was mildly disconcerting to see a little piece of something fly out in front of the car; whether it was fox-flesh or a chunk of car was impossible to tell at the speed we were traveling at. We proceeded to take our designated exit, and entering a town, we stopped to inspect the damage. We got down, expecting to see something nasty, but miraculously there was no damage inflicted at all to the front of the car! Neither was there any damage to the underside of the car. God’s protection is awesome!!


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