Windows 7 Public Beta!

Note: I created this blog post on 9 January 2009. I haven’t been able to post it, so just for the sake of it, I’ve now posted this…er, post.

The long-awaited public beta of Windows 7 was released on Microsoft’s servers early this morning (0500 AEDT). MS’s servers got absolutely hammered. The servers of also almost buckled under the strain of huge amounts of traffic, which was caused by people who were discussing how to get the product key, and complaining about Microsoft’s slow servers and server errors.

However, the actual downloading of the disk image (2.44 GB) is proceeding at a cracking rate (for me, anyway). I’m getting it at ~ 450 KB/s, which is almost the max thoroughput for my ADSL2+ connection. The only problem is with getting the keys from Microsoft, as they seem to have taken the page due to the immense strain on their servers. Having said that, there are reports on Neowin that few people *have* successfully got the product key.

The fact that Microsoft would limit the file to “only” 2.5 million downloads probably caused panic on the parts of geeks/script kiddies around the world, each desperate to get their hands on a copy of Windows 7, even though the final beta build had been doing the rounds on the popular torrent tracker sites

This is the direct download lin for the 32-bit version of Windows 7:


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