Neowin MP3 Converter

I haven’t posted here in a while so it’s nice to get back to posting :)

Quick app info:

Size: 307 KB

Memory Footprint: 5 MB

Codec: LAME

Bit rates: 64, 96, 128, 160, 192, 256, 320

Version: 0.4


I have made a small program to convert *.mp3 and *.wav files into mp3 files with custom bit rates. This app is written in RapidQ Basic, and the code is courtesy of the PC User magazine. I have modified the code to increase bit rate options and include an icon.


The Neowin MP3 Converter is based on the LAME command line tool and takes the selected bitrate and applies it to the chosen .mp3 or .wav file. One known short fall is that you cannot select multiple sound files before conversion; you have to convert files separately. You can also type in a bit rate and click “Save MP3”, but if you do, you won’t be able to save the *.mp3 file.
Download (all downloads are in *.zip format):

File It contains: Why this file? Size:
Minimum install Just the exe and the icon If you already have the LAME EXE, this is all you need. 302 KB
Typical install The exe, icon, and LAME executable These files are all you need to run the app 490 KB
Complete install The exe, icon, LAME executable, and source code This includes the source code which can be opened in the Rapid-Q IDE or edited with notepad. 491 KB


There is no installation method. However, you have to extract all the files in the *.zip file to the same directory otherwise the Neowin MP3 Converter will not work.

For the minimum install, the LAME exe needs to be the same directory as the rest of the files.

Enjoy! I accept feedback, so please make comments about this app.


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